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Readmanna Under 13 Computing Fundamentals National Competition

The ReadManna Under13 Computing Fundamentals National Competition is organized to challenge students aged 8 -13 to demonstrate their proficiency in basic computing fundamentals aligned to international standards and the national curriculum.

The competition is based on the IC3 Digital Literacy, the global standard for digital literacy. Students are required to take an online exam at approved Certiport academic testing centres during the competition period, which ends 31 March. Certified students earn IC3 certificates that are globally recognized and also provide parents an independent assessment of student’s proficiency in digital literacy.

Their scores will be registered for the National Competition. Top School scorers who meet the cut off mark will be invited to the National Competition in May. Top students in each exam category at the national competition will be declared winners.

The Top 100 scorers will be listed as National Champions in the ReadManna Under 13 Computing Fundamentals National League Table. The top three highest scorers in each exam category and their schools will be recognized and rewarded at our Annual ReadManna Awards usually held in October.

Student Winner – N50,000
Student 1st Runner Up – N30,000
Student 2nd Runner Up – N20,000

Teacher of Winner – N50,000
Teacher of 1st Runner Up – N30,000
Teacher of 2nd Runner Up – N20,000

The ICT Teacher of the highest student scorer in the Key Applications exam category will accompany the Nigerian team to the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship, USA

Eligibility – The teacher of the highest Student Scorer in Key Applications at the current National Competition
— 100 students in your school must be certified in either Computing Fundamentals or Key Applications in the school in the year of the competition
— 50 students in your school must be certified at the current ReadManna Under13 Computing Fundamentals National Competition.

Exam Categories – Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications

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